We offer five different development tracks, focusing on business analytics, finance, technology & innovation, manufacturing and sustainability. In all five, your contribution really matters, interaction with senior management is substantial and a strong analytical approach is required.
A ‘mixed track’ is also a possibility. If your educational background matches two tracks – for example the Manufacturing and Business Analytics track – you could potentially do a project in both tracks.

A clear analysis is worth nothing without a detailed understanding of how a business works in the real world and vice-versa. We are convinced that the combination of these elements will give you a significant head start in your career.

Our business is only sustainable if we are able to convert sales growth into higher profits and cash. This requires a keen eye on financial performance and the proper safeguarding of our compliance with reporting requirements.

Innovation is at the core of the close cooperation between our companies to ensure their relevance, both now and decades in the future. This requires substantial investment in the ongoing development of R&D capabilities.

Ensuring continuous improvement in operations requires a thorough understanding of manufacturing processes, organisational skills and analytical horsepower to manage strategic projects.

Current business practices consume the Earth’s resources in a manner that cannot be sustained indefinitely. It is therefore necessary to develop sustainable business models that foster future success.

Having a long-term perspective requires safeguarding legal compliance. The role of legal has evolved to ensure that the business can take business risks if this distinguishes us from competition.