Broadview is a holding company that pursues long-term growth and value creation through active support of its operating companies and efficient capital allocation.

Our aim is to support our companies in their development to become and stay the reference in their industry. So that they are still relevant decades from now. We believe this approach benefits all stakeholders, from our employees to our shareholders and from our suppliers to our clients.

Efficient capital allocation is a second key activity for Broadview. It reaches beyond capital expenditure or other operational projects and includes an active acquisition strategy. Not only do we pursue acquisition opportunities linked to our existing businesses, but we also explore new industries where our insights show prospects for long-term value creation.

The group currently employs around 2.750 FTE worldwide divided over six operating companies in two sectors:

Material technology

Trespa (NL) and Arpa (IT) produce and sell composite panels, Trespa for fa├žade cladding and laboratory furniture, Arpa for a variety of interior surfaces such as kitchens and retail furniture. Based on a similar technology, Westag & Getalit (GE) manufactures worktops, doors and frames as well as wood-based panels.


Broadview Energy Solutions (BES) has been incorporated to build a position in the market for the distribution of liquefied natural gas. As part of this effort, BES has acquired Barents NaturGass (NO) and a stake in Molgas (ES). Both companies are active in the distribution of LNG to ships and industries in a range of European countries. BES also owns a fleet of cryogenic ISO containers, suitable for transport and storage of cryogenic liquids.