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Broadview pursues a decentralized but coordinated management approach whereby the operating companies are managed by separate management teams that cooperate where it makes sense from a long term growth perspective.

We strive for a culture that stimulates people to learn, have an impact and get the most out of themselves, while jointly aiming to do what is in the best long-term interest of the company. This requires good cooperation and a relationship of trust. Political behaviour is not appreciated. Being open and honest is. We all make mistakes and there is value in understanding why they happen and what we can learn from them. The guiding principle is ‘company first’: if we do what is good for the company, we do what is good for all.

Gaining a leading position requires a good strategy, but also the drive to excel and the discipline to work on seemingly small steps in the right direction. Based on experience, a business system has come into existence, with the purpose to provide a good balance between strategy and execution. We work closely with our companies along the lines of this business system that aims to ensure coordinated progress on each of the four underlying objectives:

Control non-business risk

A long-term perspective requires safeguarding continuity. Safety, sustainability and compliance are priorities, but also financial reporting, cyber security and business planning have our full attention. We call this our license to operate.

Grow the business

Our aim is to gain and maintain leading positions in chosen markets. Consistent volume growth requires repeatable commercial success. Our objective is that this success is a controlled result, which requires a solid understanding of markets and customer needs. We continuously strive for relevant propositions and an effective and efficient sales force in all markets.

Maximize contribution of sales growth

A sustainable business model requires a keen eye on costs and investments to ensure that sales growth is adequately converted into financial benefits. Operating leverage and cash conversion are key parameters in this context.

Ensure that we have the right people on our team

To deliver the best performance we rely on our people. This means that we need to have the right people in the right place, now and in the future. We achieve this by investing in talent development, by planning for succession and also by ensuring that employees are aware of and aligned to the strategy and understand what contribution is expected from them.

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