Maintaining a ‘helicopter view’ has been a core learning for me, enabling me to summarize key insights.
  • Former trainee
  • Current position: Business Analyst at Formica Europe
  • Education: MSc. Management of Technology – Delft University of Technology BSc. Engineering/Industrial Management – Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia
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My projects

In my first project, which occurred at Broadview, I contributed to improving the data quality of the main financial reporting tool that has been adopted by the business controlling team and is used to review the performance of the companies in Broadview’s portfolio.

I knew that I liked finance, and during the second rotation, I got the chance to work with the Formica Europe finance team, based in Newcastle upon Tyne. As it is a recently acquired company in the group, several financial reports had to be set up to align with the Broadview Business System and improve the control of the financial performance. It gives me a sense of pride seeing the same reports being used on monthly basis after three years. Aside from that, I also supported the team on several commercial analyses and price list updates.

On my last rotation, I moved to Arpa Industriale and collaborated with the financial team to improve the establishment of factory control KPIs and the measurement of the mass balance.

Working with senior management

The key takeaway I gained from working with senior management is the structured mindset for approaching problems. As a business analyst, I often like to dive into details and forget the core objective of the analysis. Maintaining a ‘helicopter view’ has been a core learning for me, enabling me to summarize key insights. Furthermore, it is inspiring to get to know different management styles and adopt them depending on the situations faced in the working environment.

Conversion to a permanent position

At the end of the traineeship, I considered it fundamental to have the opportunity to learn dynamically across different topics within one of the operating companies and continue developing in a data-driven environment. At the Formica Europe head office, I have the opportunity to participate in strategic projects and to steer an operating business with the support of data.

Making an impact

During my experience within Formica Europe, I have had the chance to influence the business on both an operational and a commercial level. Over the last year, I have been particularly thrilled by implementing commercial strategies aimed to enhance our market position. This involved changes in the route to market and deepened my understanding of the needs of our customer landscape.