Personal growth is a very important aspect of working in the group
  • Former trainee
  • Current position: R&D Engineer at Nemho
  • Education: MSc. Chemical Engineering with specialization in materials science – ECPM, Strasbourg, FRANCE MSc. Management & Business Administration – EM Business School, Strasbourg, FRANCE BSc. Pre-Engineering International Undergraduate Studies in Chemistry – ECPM, Strasbourg, FRANCE
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Company culture

I would describe the company culture in three words: responsibility, collaboration and human.

As a trainee, you are responsible for your project from day one. You are expected to show discipline and finish what you start. Admitting your mistakes and learning from them is seen as a core value. By following this approach, we build a company culture that rewards honesty and trust – one in which I really appreciate working.

You quickly realize that to do your job, you have to be a true team player. Every day, I am in contact with different departments across the companies. We work side-by-side to reach our targets. As an employee you are part of a real network of professionals.

In addition to working on your targets, you are also expected to grow as a professional. You have the opportunity to participate in trainings to develop soft skills and better understand what your own core values are. Personal growth is a very important aspect of the working in the group.


Trainees bring new ideas, different backgrounds and different perspectives to existing teams. They get trained to understand the challenges the companies in our group face. By the end of my traineeship, I feel like I had developed a helicopter view and built a strong professional network.

The projects

My projects focused on the development of new aesthetics and new functionalities. In this position, I worked on products at different development levels: from the feasibility stage at lab scale to scale-up in production and release to the market. These projects gave me the opportunity to see the entire new product development process at an industrial company.

I have a multi-disciplinary background in chemical engineering and project management, so I also helped develop the project management procedure that we use for the development of new products. During this project, I worked side-by-side with various stakeholders across all companies in the group. We worked together on upgrading the procedure, and by the end of my traineeship, the new procedure was implemented at all the companies in the group. This was a very rewarding experience!

After the International Trainee Programme

Product development was an area that I discovered thanks to the Trainee Programme, and it’s an area I really loved discovering. Seeing the extent of the knowledge and soft skills I developed thanks to the traineeship, I expressed the wish to stay at the company and, more specifically, to work on the development of new products. My managers decided to give me the opportunity to further grow in this area as a full-time R&D Engineer. The kindness and open-mindedness of my managers was a key factor in my decision to stay.

Now that I have been in my new role for a year, I’m gaining more and more responsibilities, and I’m still learning new things every day. I really love working as part of the Nemho family!