The training days are a great opportunity for self-introspection
  • Former trainee
  • Current position: Business analyst at Trespa
  • Education: MSc. International Management/CEMS at Rotterdam School of Management. BSc. International Business and Administration at Rotterdam School of Management
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A learning opportunity

The projects are challenging because you get a lot of responsibilities, and there are high expectations. You are the owner of the project, from start to finish – you have to structure it and bring it to an end. Even if it’s sometimes difficult, it is also a great learning opportunity. You quickly notice the importance of structured work and planning, which you learn to incorporate in your daily work. Working on the projects is also gratifying, because you notice how experiences from previous projects are applicable in other contexts and projects.  

The projects are also challenging because all of the companies in the group are different, and to do a project you have to understand the company and its context, which requires adaptability from the trainees. Flexibility and open-mindedness are thus important qualities. 

What makes the International Trainee Programme a great first step into working life is that you get a lot of responsibilities and are challenged, but you will always get help if you ask for it.

Training days

The training days are a great opportunity for self-introspection. You have time to reflect on how you are currently working and communicating, and the trainers give you tools to improve both your hard and soft skills. I appreciate how interactive and practical they are – it is much more than theory. You are challenged to get outside of your comfort zone and prepare yourself for challenges you face at work.

Work with members of senior management

Having the unique opportunity to work with members of senior management allows me to learn from their experience and discuss my project with them. The projects are often part of a bigger picture that might be hard to grasp at first as a trainee. By talking with senior management, you get this high-level perspective on the company and on your project, which gives you a different view of your work. What I appreciated a lot was the opportunity to get advice and discuss the project with senior management.

My projects

During my traineeship, I did three projects. One project was at Broadview, working on the commercial mapping of Formica’s activities in France and the UK. My second project was at Westag, where I worked on competitor mapping of the company’s activities in Germany. My final project was with Nemho, helping improve the financial reporting of R&D activities.

Current position

Towards the end of my traineeship, I discussed with my mentor what possibilities there were for me to stay in the group. Within a short time period, I got an offer for my current position: Business Analyst for the Exterior Sales team at Trespa. This corresponded exactly to what I was looking for, and the transition from trainee to full-time employee went smoothly. A lot of things that I learned during my projects have been very useful in my new position. The way I work and how I structure my projects is greatly influenced by my experiences during my traineeship.

As a Business Analyst, I report to the VP of Specification Sales. My work is diverse, both in terms of projects and the people I work with, ranging from sales analyses to commercial excellence topics.