New and young people are the future, and so they are the future of the companies.
  • Director Group R&D at Nemho
  • Education: BSc and MSc Molecular Sciences – Wageningen University
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Current role

I coordinate R&D and create technology, I work with the strategy of the businesses and the group and address the needs of the companies, and I create focus and set priorities. We take product development, innovation and synergies between the companies to the next level.

At the same time, I make sure the staff are fit to execute on this. I hire the right people, and advise on training, education and coaching. Creating the right work environment is another important part of my work; we are a multicultural team, currently with 16 nationalities, a lot of tools at a new facility.

Giving responsibility to a trainee

Giving trainees the responsibility for a specific project or topic creates ownership and drive. It gives them the chance to learn (including from mistakes) and prove themselves. I will always stimulate them to become part of the greater organisation – to build relationships not just R&D but with other disciplines. Trainees with different backgrounds (country culture, education and personality) add to our diversity, which is a strength.

Investing in young talents

We continuously need new people, we need to learn new things. New and young people are the future, and so they are the future of the companies.

Positive behaviour

We see curiosity, drive, ownership, strong communication skills and creativity as positive behaviours. We value the willingness and ability to learn in the broad sense of the word. A great trainee does not only have an R&D interest, but also some business sense.

About Nemho

At Nemho, we will focus more and more on new products or next generation products, innovation and synergies between technologies, skills etc. Trainees will be a true part of the R&D teams and quickly get their own activities at Nemho, participating in an innovation or development project. They will help to maximise the synergy between the companies – and in many cases also physically work at the different companies.