Trainees can have a real impact, even during their first project.
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Working with young talented people excites me. They are curious, energetic and hungry for knowledge. Moreover, it is rewarding, as they are generally eager to learn and therefore pick up new tasks and responsibilities quickly. They don’t have the professional preoccupation that many of us have after working in a certain sector or role for a long time.

Not only are trainees exciting to work with, they can also have a real impact even during their first project. Trainees still have the luxury of being able to focus on a single project and really drive for results. The coaching we offer them brings them a long way. Their insights enable better or quicker decision-making by senior management.

Companies need to constantly reinvent themselves. Recruiting young people ensures a constant inflow of new ideas, new skills and new perspectives. As a result, ingrained habits and beliefs are continually challenged. This is what allows companies to stay ahead.