Smart people have a lot to teach but also have high expectations when it comes to your performance.
  • Former Trainee
  • Current position: Business Development Manager at Trespa
  • Education: Master’s in Business Management, Marketing and Strategy – Universita di Torino & Universidad de la Laguna; Bachelor’s in Business Economics – Universita di Torino
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After my master’s in marketing management and some initial experiences in FMCG, I was keen to broaden my scope and explore other settings to find out what my preferences were. I learnt that to me it is important that my job gives me exposure to multiple work environments and, if possible, different countries. Clearly, the International Trainee Programme offered by Broadview was a perfect fit.

Being challenged

We are working on important projects, often with high exposure, which is challenging. We have a much higher level of responsibility than would be considered “normal” in a first job. We work directly with stakeholders who have key positions within the group. This means working with smart and experienced people. They have a lot to teach and they also have high expectations when it comes to your performance.

During my projects, I have learnt about various topics and disciplines. For instance, a merger of two companies, a business case for production and the implementation of a new sales approach. This required me to learn quickly and work in a fact-based and analytical way to be able to add value.

Interesting projects

The project that I found most interesting was the business case for production. I enjoyed being responsible for gathering all the relevant information needed to build the case; it was like solving a complex puzzle. By working in a structured, disciplined and fact-based way, I was able to draw conclusions that my stakeholders, who had much more relevant experience, were able to agree with. This enabled them to make impactful decisions.

Living abroad

During my three projects, I have lived in Rotterdam (NL), Den Bosch (NL) and New York (US). Seeing and experiencing different working cultures has allowed me to become more flexible and open-minded. People from different cultures approach the same problem in different ways. Being aware and adapting your behaviour can provide significant advantages.

The training days

The training days are great and, in my opinion, make this International Trainee Programme stand out from other first jobs. They have provided me with many insights, both in relation to content (the recurring Analytics Labs on problem-solving methodologies, analytical techniques and stakeholder management) and in relation to approach (the recurring Skills Labs on communication, time management and personal leadership). These days are also a great opportunity to build a solid network with the other trainees. It is very useful to discuss daily challenges and struggles with other people who have the same mentality and background.

Current position

After the 18-month International Trainee Programme (ITP), Broadview offered me a contract to be part of the Business Development team at the holding’s headquarters. I worked there for a little over a year, supporting the development of synergies between the different companies in the Material Technology cluster.

I enjoyed my job a lot, but at the beginning of 2020 my personal situation and curiosity led me to a new position within the group. I started working for Trespa as Businesses Analyst, and after 18 months, I was promoted to Business Development Manager. Since then, I have been supporting the growth of Trespa’s Scientific Surface Solution by conducting market analysis and leading projects to realize synergies with sister companies and main partners. During this time, I have also had the opportunity to manage a Trainee myself. Seeing the ITP from both sides has been a very interesting experience.