To continue improving, I just have to keep on being curious.
  • Former Trainee
  • Current position: Fenix Factory Production Manager at Arpa Industriale
  • Education: MSc and BSc Mechanical Engineering – Politecnico di Milano; MSc Mechanical Engineering and Management – Technische Univesitaet Wien
  • LinkedIn

Why Broadview?

After my mechanical engineering studies, I was looking to start my career in a diverse international environment – one that was at the same time somehow limited in size, so I would be exposed to a wider range of responsibilities and issues at multiple plants.

I had the chance to work for two sister companies, Arpa and Trespa, which gave me the opportunity to get to know both companies and to understand what creating synergies means.


What I like is to make an impact by challenging whether the way things have always worked is the best way to prepare us for future growth. The most important contribution resulting from my analyses and work has been to increase the awareness of the root cause of any problem. As a department leader, I took on that role directly after being a trainee.

I am currently Production Manager of a brand new factory – a role that requires a lot of commitment and an opportunity that happens once in a lifetime.


Following the project from development – start-up to ramp-up – of a brand new factory in such a privileged position gave me the chance to gain great experience in a very short time (three years). This has contributed a lot to my personal growth.

What I have learnt most of all is to interact with both senior management and factory workers in a productive way. Being the link is not always easy, but the progress is tangible, and the experience is interesting and rewarding. To continue improving, I just have to keep being curious.