A characteristic we highly value is mental strength.

We believe the way to develop the next generation of leaders is twofold. Firstly, by showing them the bigger context they contribute to, they gain overview and understanding. Secondly, by creating an environment in which they can develop their analytical and personal leadership skills, we allow them to excel in any functional discipline after the traineeship.

Contrary to management traineeships, our focus is on content first. Being able to perform crisp analyses and draw clear and logical conclusions, prepares trainees for a future in the group. We believe that in order to grow towards larger responsibility, it makes sense to invest in thought leadership, before developing skills to manage a larger group of employees.

A characteristic we value in all employees but especially in our trainees is mental strength. This means being able to deal with ambiguity and change and to fully accept the high level of responsibility we offer. Understanding that being part of a bigger context implies that others count on you and that the general interest comes before personal interests. Trainees keep control, do not give up, reflect on their progress and are willing to learn from their mistakes.

It requires humbleness, transparency and open communication. It leads to trust and a steep learning curve. Those able to do this are automatically aligned with our central values: integrity, responsibility and transparency.