A great opportunity to grow your career.
  • Trainee at Nemho
  • Education: MSc. Management of Innovation – Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University BSc. Sustainable Innovation – Eindhoven University of Technology
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Choosing your first job

When looking for my first job, I had more or less three criteria I wanted to fulfill: to find a job where I would be working with sustainability on a regular basis; to find a company where I would be given the opportunity to develop as a professional as well as a person; and to find a place with an international environment, as this was something I enjoyed a lot during my studies. I was therefore excited when I found the International Trainee Programme (ITP) that met all three criteria. 

My projects

In my first project, at Nemho, I was responsible for Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) at two Formica factories. My tasks included updating existing LCA models as well as collecting and analyzing 2021 production data. In addition to my main project, I was also working on LCA processes for one of the main raw materials used to make high-pressure laminates.


The ITP projects are challenging because of the high level of analytical and critical thinking needed. Moreover, you already get a lot of responsibility during your first project, requiring you to structure and manage the project from start to finish. Depending on your project, you might have to collaborate with other departments and companies in the group, or with external stakeholders. It is most certainly helpful to have some understanding of different cultures.

Taking responsibility

I have to admit that being given this much responsibility so early on felt a bit daunting at times. Nonetheless, it really made me grow quickly, and it did not take long before I started feeling comfortable with the responsibility. It was also extra motivating when I knew that what I worked on was of great importance to the company. The responsibility and importance of the projects illustrates how much Broadview values their trainees.

Grow your career

My first project enabled me to learn the ins and outs of LCA modeling and to practice my stakeholder management and communication skills. Furthermore, the training days were particularly valuable as they provided me with the tools I can apply on a daily basis to be a more effective and efficient person. In the training sessions I was able to work with a professional actor to practice situations I find challenging and uncomfortable. This was an intense and rewarding experience that helped my personal development. In my opinion, the training sessions combined with the responsibility you are given form a great opportunity for you to grow your career.