Proactivity and a problem‑solving attitude will be rewarded.
  • Former Trainee
  • Current position: Senior R&D Engineer & Team leader at Nemho
  • Education: BSc and MSc Chemical Engineering – Politecnico di Milano
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Why Broadview?

Deciding to stay was a natural choice considering everything I had learnt during the trainee programme, both from a professional as a personal point of view. I am glad I did. The most important reason was definitely the team I could work with: thanks to its mixed technical and cultural background, I was able to learn a lot from the other members, and they were also very open to my opinions and insights from day one. The reciprocal respect creates a very healthy working environment, the best ingredient for a happy work life!


I could make a long list of technical topics that I have learnt, but the trainee programme is much more than technical knowledge. It is about getting to know yourself better and learning how to grow in order to fully use your talents. For example, I have learnt that I was very good at engaging people while I realised I needed help with improving my time management skills – help that was provided during a module of the training days.

Company culture

Proactivity and a problem-solving attitude will be rewarded, while integrity, transparency and responsibility are our essential shared values.

The former and current trainees get to be part of a sort of family where those with more experience are always available to help those who just started. In exchange, the new trainees always bring curiosity and a creative vibe, which is refreshing for the “older” ones!

The projects

I joined as a team member for the aftercare of Arpa’s Fenix product: I was solving several issues related to Fenix volume increase, developing new décor colours, setting up Fenix quality reports, helping instruct Arpa colleagues on the correct reporting of defects, and organising and supervising trials at both Trespa and Arpa.

Current position

Three-and-a-half years after finalising my trainee programme, I am currently in the position of Senior R&D Engineer. After spending some years on process, I am now leading projects in the product development area where, together with the team, we come up with new panel aesthetics and possibly functionalities. What I particularly like about my current position is that it allows me to be in touch with our customers, architects and designers but also with students from the architecture faculties so that we can anticipate their future needs.