Our companies - material technology

With combined sales of EUR 1.2 billion our material technology business has a leading position in the global market for surface materials.

The companies in this cluster manufacture, fabricate and sell surface materials and related products with superior esthetical and functional properties. These panels are primarily wood based but also include casted polymers. Applications include façade cladding, furniture for home, office and laboratory as well as interiors for healthcare, retail and hospitality. You can learn more about our companies, brands and centers of excellence on www.ofmatter.com

Continuous investment to develop new and innovative products is a key part of the strategy for this cluster. This is supported by Nemho – the Next Material House – as the center of excellence for technology in our group. Next to technology, there is a strong focus on commercial excellence to ensure an adequate representation of the added value of our products in the market which can include expanding the position of our companies in the value chain. Musa in Milan, Italy, is our creative hub on marketing and design.

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