I am now able to zoom in and out of day-to-day analyses in order to understand the bigger picture.
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Why Broadview?

I studied economics in Turin. From my previous experiences living abroad, I was familiar with the excitement that this entails. I was looking for more of this after graduating but was deliberating between strategy consulting and a programme like this one. Both allow experience to be gained in different business areas and companies. However, I chose Broadview because I was eager to see the real impact of my work and to work directly with decision makers, without many “layers” in between.

The projects

As you change projects and companies, the ability to quickly adapt to a new reality is a must. My advice is to be open and listen really well to understand all relevant stakeholders. In every project, there are challenging problems to be solved. As the data and analyses you deliver will be the basis for strategic decision-making, you need to take ownership right from day one. In my last project for example, I was working with senior management of Arpa Industriale on the realisation of a data-driven strategic marketing plan pertaining to the foreign branches.

My development

If I compare how I am now to how I was two years ago, I have increased my analytical skills considerably and I am now able to structure more complex problems in a way that allows me to solve them. I can now zoom in and out of day-to-day analyses in order to understand the bigger picture. I am also able to deliver more structured presentations now that I know more about my strengths and weaknesses in communication. What I didn’t know about myself before is that I am very sensitive to adapting to cultures and working environments, that I am resilient under pressure and, above all, that I am extremely open to feedback.

After the programme

During my period as a trainee, I was actually part of the decision-making process: my work had a real impact on strategies. I challenge anyone not to feel involved! This feeling of involvement and making a difference, made me decide to join the group afterwards. I would now love to increase my responsibilities in one of the companies and keep learning from the senior managers that I work with. They say: “You learn from the people you are surrounded by” and I fully agree. So, I am very happy with my choice.