I have learned to actively suggest concrete solutions, not simply providing insights and analyses.
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Why Broadview?

My background is in business engineering. Besides finding an international setting, a priority for me was to find a graduate programme that combined professional training and personal development. Additionally, I didn’t see myself working in a really corporate environment where there would be many levels between a relatively junior employee and the top management. My goal was to find an international medium-sized company where I could learn, grow and make a tangible impact.

International experiences

During the ITP, I have lived in three different countries and cities: Paris (FR), Rotterdam (NL) and Bra (IT). I developed my French in my first project while learning about the challenges of working in a subsidiary. Besides analysing sales performance, I was in daily contact with the sales team, distributors and customers. France is quite similar to Italy in terms of working mentality and habits, however the Netherlands was a complete novelty for me. The working culture is more meritocratic and structured, and pro-active and direct communication is extremely appreciated. During my third project in Italy, I was able to make the comparison and value the uniqueness of my own culture as well as identifying points where I think we could learn from other cultures.

The trainee network

It is fantastic to be part of a group of young, driven professionals who, although working in different companies and countries, encounter similar situations. We help each other by sharing challenges, issues and lessons learned.


Thanks to challenging projects, I am now able to schedule my work and handle a reasonable amount of stress. At the same time, I have learned to actively suggest concrete solutions rather than simply providing insights and analyses. I think that giving a trainee this responsibility could be seen as a risk, but it’s definitely a rewarding one since it brings with it a steep learning curve.