The training sessions are extremely interesting and achieve the perfect balance between hard and soft skills.
  • Former Trainee
  • Current position: Business Analyst at Broadview Holding
  • Education: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid / one year at University of Stuttgart
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Why Broadview?

When choosing my first job position, I did not want to limit my scope or specialise in a certain profession. I graduated as a civil engineer but was interested in a broader role.

The trainee programme combines dynamic assignments with an international environment, characteristics that have catalysed my learning process.

Looking back, I see how much the different projects have contributed to my professional development beyond my technical background.

The projects

My first assignment was about commercial excellence. I joined Trespa’s German sales team to provide analytical support. The goal was to implement a data-driven sales approach, which could help the team to achieve a higher hit rate and performance.

The second project took me to Broadview’s headquarters, where I worked as a member of the business development team during the due diligence for the acquisition of Westag.

Thirdly, I received the proposal to stay at Broadview for my last project and help on implementing the identified opportunities for Westag.

After finalising the trainee programme, I received an offer to continue working on M&A and project management. The diversity of the projects with which I am involved will help me to continue developing my skills and explore new fields of knowledge.

The training days

What I find special about starting my career in this way are the training sessions for the group of trainees. These are extremely interesting and have the perfect balance between hard and soft skills. Problem-solving techniques and analytical methods are the fundamentals I need in my daily work. At the same time, the training days remind me of how necessary it is to practice and improve soft skills.

An international network

The group of trainees is very diverse. We all have good personal and professional relationships with each other. Since everyone is at a different stage within the programme, those with the most experience help the new members and act as buddies. In the future, I am certain that this programme will help Broadview’s companies to improve their synergies and create closer relationships within their teams.

The culture

The group’s values – integrity, responsibility and transparency – are very close to my own. It is rewarding to see that these values are effectively shown and upheld while working in one of the holding’s companies.